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Cheers and Au Revoir

The view from top of the hill in Monmartre, a district in northern Paris. Sacre Cour - a white chapel at the top looks down into the city of Paris.

Overall every single one of us learned more about European cultures – both in a communication and social aspect. We also learned more about ourselves, gaining perspectives about our relationships with others. We saw the world – outside our own home of America – and realized just how big it really is. The same sun that shone in London and Paris shines on us here in Connecticut. It’s those little things that really make you think about life, as cliche or silly as it may sound. I would say that good majority of us came back slightly different, in a promising way.

It was hard to write about this trip and give it the justice is deserves, since at times words were just not enough. I will leave you all with a suggestion from me: go to Europe…heck, go to Asia or Australia. Go somewhere other than America and experience the world on a larger scale. You’ll see for yourselves how traveling abroad is a hard concept to put into paragraphs.



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