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A Fancy Day and Night

Day 6 on Monday the 30th was full of surprises. Like Sunday, our day started mid-morning with another film stop. We boarded the London Movie Tour bus to be taken around to various spots in London, where British films were shot. It might sound like this was all fun, but I assure you, at each stop our knowledgeable tour guide taught us about the history of the spots where we got out to look around.

The race with over 11,000 runners

Places the bus stopped were locations where Harry Potter, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Closer were all filmed. The most notable stop however, was at a church – St. Batholomew’s – one of the oldest churches in London, and the home of many, many films including Elizabeth The Golden Age, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Sherlock Homes. We were able to walk all around the church admiring the structure and history it holds. One of the surprises of the day came when we arrived in one of the markets in London, encased in golden arches – the spot where Diagon Alley, from Harry Potter, was filmed. We ended up staying there for an extra 45 minutes: 11,000 runners were running a 6-mile course, which is part of the marathon track for the 2012 Summer Olympics, which are being held in London. We watched a good majority of the runners go by before heading back to the bus to complete the tour.

After the tour, we all wanted to go on the London Eye, back across the Thames River. The bus actually dropped us off right there after the conclusion of the tour, so it was finally less walking. By now, our legs were getting tired! We hung around the London Eye area for a while, getting lunch and buying our tickets. With a stroke of luck, since we were in a large group, we didn’t have to wait in the line that probably would have taken another 30 minutes to be in.

A majority of the group in the London Eye - what a great view!

The London Eye is absolutely gigantic. You are transported to the top in this futuristic looking pod, capable of holding up to 30 or so people. We were on the Eye for a total of one rotation, lasting about 30 minutes. It was slow enough to take many photographs – beautiful ones of the city of London, almost like an airplane view that’s either taking off or landing.

The city from above

It was truly beautiful. Since going up on the Eye took up the entire afternoon, it was time to eat. We all got back to the hotel, and decided that we wanted to play dress-up. We all got ‘fancy-dressed’ as Todd would say, and headed back onto the tube in search of a pub. We found a great one, and ended up staying there for the rest of the night.



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