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The Weary Travelers

American Airlines Flight 142 was patiently waiting for our crew to board on Wednesday the 25th of May. We all met at JFK International Airport at 7:00 a.m., when the sun was freshly rising in the sky. It was a beautiful day for a flight, with almost no clouds; weather that eased the anxious feelings flying sparked in some of us students (myself included). We took off around 9:30 a.m., with no complications, and landed in London at Heathrow Airport nearly 12 hours later with the five hour time change.

Nick helps Dr. Ayeni with directions

There was a slight hiccup with transportation, and after scouring the airport lobby just after baggage claim, we finally met up with our coach-bus driver who, after a ‘cheery’ welcome, drove us an hour away to the Royal National Hotel. This would be our home for the next seven nights.


The Royal National Hotel


Right from the start we knew the atmosphere was going to be at a constant high in London, with foreigners and locals scurrying around the lobby. After receiving our room keys, we all went up to the rooms. Some of us who were inflicted with the new buzz of finally arriving to our destination after months of planning ventured out in the streets, while others, tired from the travels, stayed in their room. The next day was going to begin with a bang – we had three scheduled media tours that would last the majority of the morning and afternoon.



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